12:18 / 28.12.2019
Gas inflow at Uchtepa field increased   

At the Uchtepa oil and gas field of Andijanneft JSC, the volume of the produced gas has been increased. It is supplied not only to residents of the nearby area, but also to other regions through the Uztransgaz trunk lines.

On December 26, a gas well No. 13 of this field, located in the village of Uchtepa, Bulakbashi district (Andijan region), was put into operation. An industrial gas inflow in the volume of 100-110 thousand cubic meters per day was also obtained. 

In order to provide the population with gas, the specialists of Andijanneft JSC continue to work to increase hydrocarbon raw materials. 

Currently, a large volume of gas, produced at the Uchtepa oil and gas field, allows delivering a daily volume of gas to the Bulakbashi district in the amount of 270 thousand cubic meters, as well as 200-230 thousand cubic meters - to other districts through the Uztransgaz trunk lines.

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