13:56 / 11.01.2020
Ministry with the highest number of financial violations in 2019 announced
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In 2019, the Department of State Financial Control conducted 10,334 financial control events. In 8,028 (78%) of them, violations of law and other shortcomings worth 488.3 billion soums were identified.

Last year, the most common violations of the budgetary discipline were observed in institutions of the Ministry of Public Education, which amounted to 29.8 billion soums. The amount of violations increased by 19 billion soums (2.7 times) compared to 2018. 

In addition, violations revealed in the organizations of the Health Ministry and Secondary Specialized Education system amounted to 16.7 billion soums, which increased by 10.1 billion soums (2.5 times) compared to 2018; violations revealed in the system of Ministry of Preschool Education – 8.3 billion soums, which increased by 2.9 billion soums (1.5 times); violations revealed in the system of the Ministry of Culture – 7.8 billion soums, which increased by 5.4 billion soums (3.3 times) compared to 2018.

At the same time, during the reporting period, violations revealed in the institutions of the Health Ministry totaled 13.8 billion soums. It decreased in comparison with 2018 (17.1 billion soums).

The largest financial errors and shortcomings, identified in the reporting period, were recorded in Kashkadarya (18.7 billion soums), Tashkent (17 billion soums), Jizzakh (16.9 billion soums), Andijan (11.8 billion soums), Surkhandarya (10.8 billion soums), Samarkand (10.2 billion soums) regions and the city of Tashkent (10.8 billion soums).

As a result of the final control measures, law violations worth 129.6 billion soums were identified and 4,498 oversight documents on them were forwarded to prosecuting bodies to take legal action.

Also, 396 officials of budgetary organizations, who committed violations of budget discipline, were imposed an administrative fine in the amount of 291.3 billion soums in the established manner.

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