20:38 / 28.01.2020

Tajikistan plans to increase gas purchases from Uzbekistan


“Negotiations with Uzbekistan on the supply of natural gas to Tajikistan in 2020 are underway,” Shavkat Shoimzoda, First Deputy CEO of Tajiktransgaz, said. 

According to him, an agreement on gas supply to the republic is planned to reach 200 million cubic meters.

As Shoimzoda stated, Tajikistan imported from Uzbekistan 140 million cubic meters of natural gas worth $17.7 million last year.

He noted that the supply of gas from Uzbekistan to Tajikistan increased 2.6 times compared to 2018.

Shoimzoda also said that the main consumer of the Uzbek gas is the Tajik Aluminum Plant.

It should be recalled that the supply of natural gas from Uzbekistan to Tajikistan resumed in April 2018 after a six-year hiatus.

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