13:51 / 30.01.2020
Real incomes of Uzbek citizens rose by 6.5% in 2019 
Photo: Taylor Weidman / Bloomberg

The real disposable income of the Uzbek people (personal income that remains after direct taxes and government charges have been paid) increased by 6.5% in 2019, follows from the State Statistics Committee data. Total per capita income amounted to 10.3 million soums, real growth rate - 4.5%.

The highest per capita nominal aggregate income was recorded in Tashkent - 20 million soums, Navoi (16 million soums) and Bukhara regions (12 million soums). The lowest - in the Republic of Karakalpakstan (7.7 million soums), Fergana (7.9 million soums) and Namangan (8.3 million soums) regions.

A significant increase in the total income of the population is mainly facilitated by significant changes in income from labor activity (income of employees and self-employment), which account for 69.1% of total income. Another 25.3% is the income from transfers, the Committee noted.

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