15:30 / 07.02.2020
Students studying in neighboring countries can transfer their studies to Uzbekistan without any exams

No additional requirements or tests are needed when transferring studies of Uzbek citizens studying in neighboring countries. 

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Applications of citizens of Uzbekistan studying in neighboring countries and want to transfer their studies to higher education institutions of Uzbekistan will be accepted until February 15.

The Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education issued a special warning to students and parents. It states that no additional requirements and tests will be needed during the transfer of the study.

This means that a student will be able to submit the required documents and his/her studies will be transferred to higher education institutions in Uzbekistan. There will be no exams or tests. The only prerequisite is that the documentation should be complete and accurate.

Citizens are requested to submit the following documents to the Regional Working Groups:

- an application (filled on the spot);

- a rating book or academic transcript (copy);

- a passport copy.

Transfer of students from foreign higher education institutions to higher education institutions of the Republic is carried out on a tuition fee basis.

If one have any questions or concerns, they can contact the Regional Working Groups or call at:

(71) 246-38-57 - The Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education;
(71) 241-16-91 - The Ministry of Health.

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