19:13 / 10.03.2020
Results of transferring studies from neighboring countries can be checked online

One has to enter his/her passport number to use this service. 

Photo: PhotoXpress

It is now possible to know the results of transferring studies from neighboring countries online, the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education reports

Reportedly, with the help of the https://natija.edu.uz/ system, which is currently functioning in a test mode, citizens, who appealed from February 7 to February 15 this year, will be able to check their results. 

For this, one should enter his/her passport number.

The system does not provide information about students, who transferred their studies to medical higher education institutions. 

“The system will be further developed and a public service for transfer of studies from local and foreign universities will be launched on the Single Interactive State Services Portal,” the report said.

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