20:30 / 17.03.2020
Sherzod Shermatov: School teachers will go on paid vacation from March 18

School principals, assistant directors, psychologists, cleaners, and guards will continue to work.

Photo: KUN.UZ

On March 18, all teachers at secondary schools will go on vacation. This was announced by the Minister of Public Education Sherzod Shermatov.

“It is well known that people have questions concerning emergency holidays for students due to quarantine. What would teachers do at schools without students?

Therefore, all teachers will be on paid vacation from tomorrow.

Normally, according to the rules, teachers have to work even during planned holidays on March 21-27. We are now allowing them to do this work remotely. Thus, there is no need for teachers to be in schools,” the minister said at a briefing on Tuesday.

For the purpose of organizing the distance learning process and coordination of the effective maintenance of buildings and structures of educational institutions, workers of the following positions will continue to perform their duties at the workplace:

1. School Principal;
2. Assistant Director for Academic Affairs;
3. Assistant Director for Spiritual and Educational Affairs;
4. Assistant Director for Economic Affairs;
5. Psychologist;
6. Youth Leader;
7. Cleaner;
8. Guard.