17:32 / 25.03.2020
Tanzila Narbayeva: We should take measures to support vulnerable people during the quarantine period

Tanzila Narbayeva delivered a speech at the Senate plenary session on March 24 and noted the importance of paying particular attention to the problems of the vulnerable population during the quarantine period.

Photo: senat.uz

“Currently, according to the quarantine regulations, all residents stay at home. During this period of time, senior citizens, especially those who live alone, and families who do not have a breadwinner, should not be forgotten. There are also people who work in various service industries and do daily work for their needs. Now, these opportunities have been taken away from them.

In this regard, we need to pay attention to the fact that this category of the population, our elderly persons should not be left unattended, and the needy people should be supported. It would be right thing to help them with food and medicine,” she said.

Tanzila Narbayeva called on the population not to hold weddings during the quarantine period and to hold funerals at the recommendation of religious authorities.

Also, the Senate Chairperson praised the organization of distance learning on TV for pupils and students, noting that in the same manner, it is possible to launch vocational training.