20:26 / 03.04.2020
Almost 130 Ukrainian citizens are stuck in Uzbekistan

Ruslan Kamalov, a Ukrainian from Kherson who is now stuck in Uzbekistan, said on April 3, 2020, that the evacuation situation is even more critical than before.

“The situation has not improved, because many people are running out of money and losing the ways to find them. The Foreign Ministry has not contacted us and the embassy says it cannot do anything. People said that the information they give and the mechanisms they try to apply are completely different and have no relevance,” the man explained.

Kamalov noted that he and other citizens simply did not have enough time to return home. When Vladimir Zelensky announced that Ukrainian citizens have 3 days to return to Ukraine, Uzbekistan had already closed the borders. 

Later, the Ukrainian Consulate in Uzbekistan promised that people would be evacuated.

“After this situation went on television, the consulate began to call us. They asked if we were ready for a paid medical observation. The price was 200 euros per person, but still, everyone agreed,” Kamalov said.

The next day, Ukrainian citizens were informed that flight for evacuation was prepared for March 31. However, it was not organized, because, according to the Ukrainian Embassy in Uzbekistan, the Cabinet of Ministers did not give consent. The reason for this decision was not announced.

“They told that the nearest possible date for this flight is April 24th. However, I think it will be delayed,” said the man.

He noted that the consulate may allocate $50 to every Ukrainian. However, this money is only enough for 3 days.

“Moreover, in order to get $50, you need to have a large package of documents that will confirm that you do not receive help from Ukraine and have no earnings in Uzbekistan. It is impossible to collect these documents, because everything, every institution is now closed,” Kamalov noted. 
The Ukrainians said that they were ready to return to Ukraine even at their own expense.
"We are tired. Everyone is ready for medical observation. There are no people who will panic like people on the Vietnamese flight. There are women, children and elderly people among us,” Kamalov said.