20:49 / 04.04.2020
Central Bank says bank cards blocked during quarantine can be unlocked online

Customers of bank services, whose bank cards have been blocked, can now unlock them online.

According to the Central Bank, this will allow customers and bank employees to maintain social distance during the quarantine period.

“Commercial banks will now accept applications online for unlocking blocked bank cards. The owner of the card should send a request to the bank asking it to unlock his card if it is blocked, after which bank employees will consider the application and unlock it,” Khusankhoja Abidov, head of a department at the Central Bank, said at a briefing held at the Agency for Information and Mass Communications.

He also noted that each cardholder has a personal identification number – a PIN code, and each cardholder must personally enter this code when making purchases at retail outlets in order to avoid unwanted blocking.