16:47 / 04.12.2023

Cross-border transfers from Uzbek cards to online gambling games banned

It is forbidden to transfer money to the account of totalizator organizations located outside the country using the card of commercial banks operating in Uzbekistan.

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On November 30, the presidential decree “On protection of the rights of consumers of digital products (services) and measures to strengthen the fight against violations committed by means of digital technologies” was signed.

According to the decision, when there is information that the operation code of the payment system or other identifiers of the activity of organizing and conducting gambling games and capital movement operations are carried out by the recipient of funds, cross-border transfer of funds to the recipient located outside Uzbekistan using a bank card of commercial banks is prohibited.

Sites that allow residents to participate in gambling games and carry out capital transactions against the law will be included in the register of the Internet network, which contains information prohibited by the legislation of Uzbekistan. The National Agency for Prospective Projects submits a list of gambling sites to the Information and Mass Communications Agency for inclusion in this register.

Online gambling is prohibited in Uzbekistan

According to the current legislation, organizing and advertising gambling and risk-based games in Uzbekistan is a cause of administrative and criminal liability.

In particular, according to the decision No. 176 of the Cabinet of Ministers of August 16, 2007, since September 1, 2007, it is prohibited to organize and conduct gambling games and other games based on risk (including totalizers) on the territory of Uzbekistan. 

According to Article 191 of the Administrative Responsibility Code, organizing, providing services for gambling and other games based on risk in the territory of Uzbekistan, or distributing them shall result in a fine of 5 to 15 base calculating amounts. 

In addition, according to Article 46 of the Law “On Advertising”, advertising of gambling and risk-based games, as well as gambling and other risk-based games organized using telecommunication networks and the Internet, is prohibited on the territory of Uzbekistan.

Earlier, it was reported that 27 sites promoting bookmaking services have been blocked in Uzbekistan since the beginning of the year.

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