19:59 / 13.04.2020
153 vehicles taken to penalty area for violating quarantine rules

The Tashkent city police department informed the population about the results of the work on identifying individuals who violate the established restrictions on the vehicle movement. 

Photo: DIA

The road patrol service, the National Guard and the sanitary-epidemiological service have revealed a total of 462 violations in Tashkent by April 12. Of these, 205 cases included road traffic offenses, 247 cars were taken to the penalty area.

257 drivers were prosecuted under Article 54 of the Administrative Responsibility Code. 153 of them had their cars taken to the penalty area due to driving without a special permit (sticker). 

According to Article 54of the ARC, these offenses will result in fine varying from 20 to 30 BCAs, (from 4 million 460 thousand soums to 6 million 690 thousand soums) for citizens, and from 30 to 50 BCAs (from 6 million 690 thousand soums to 11 million 150 thousand soums) for officials.