15:58 / 17.04.2020
Coronavirus: 11 more patients recovered

The Ministry of Health reported that 11 more patients have recovered from the coronavirus infection in Bukhara, bringing the total number of people cured in the region to 39.

It was reported that on April 17, 11 more patients, receiving treatment at the Bukhara regional infectious diseases hospital, recovered from the disease. They were discharged from the hospital and sent to the rehabilitation center.

All those who recovered came to Bukhara from Turkey on a charter flight and were quarantined at the Sitorai Mohi Khosa sanatorium. Once the coronavirus infection was confirmed, they were admitted to the regional infectious diseases hospital. 3 of the recovered were men and 8 - women. 5 of them are from Tashkent, 2 from Tashkent region, and the other four are from Bukhara, Samarkand, Namangan and Andijan regions (one from each). 

“It would not be a mistake to say that the reason for these successful steps is the provision of quality medical care to patients by qualified doctors. So far, 39 patients have recovered from the virus at the regional infectious diseases hospital.

Most importantly, the reforms carried out in recent years in the field of health care, the creation of all necessary conditions in medical institutions, the commitment of doctors are key factors in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic,” the Health Ministry said in a statement.

To date, the total number of recovered from the coronavirus infection in Uzbekistan has reached 140.