17:33 / 18.04.2020
Khokimiyat of Tashkent predicts three-fold increase in the number of unemployed youth 
Photo: KUN.UZ

A meeting on youth policy, social development and spiritual-educational issues was held in the khokimiyat of Tashkent. The work carried out during the coronavirus pandemic was discussed, the press service of the khokimiyat said. 

In particular, issues of re-disinfection of all kindergartens, public schools, sports and music schools were considered. Based on the results of the review, responsible persons were given relevant instructions.

At the same time, the issue of full coverage of preschool children and raising this indicator from 93% to 100% immediately after quarantine, as well as the introduction of a system of preparing 6-year-old children (with 100% coverage) for school was discussed.

It is predicted that due to the quarantine the number of unemployed youth will increase three times after it ends.

Therefore, at present, responsible employees of the khokimiyat in the city and districts, as well as the leaders of several other spheres, are working to attract them to IT entrepreneurship, develop their skills, etc.

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