21:56 / 20.04.2020
Central Bank of Uzbekistan brings $200 million in cash from the USA

The Central Bank of Uzbekistan brought $200 million from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

This was announced by the head of the Central Bank, Mamarizo Nurmuratov, answering the question about the lack of currency in the country.

“Each commercial bank itself must bring the currency, but because of transportation problems this time we brought the money ourselves. If commercial banks need currency, they can contact us,” he said.

Mamarizo Nurmuratov said that if the regulator did not take action, Uzbekistan would be in the same situation as Georgia or Ukraine.

“Commercial banks bring foreign currency from foreign banks, but we bring directly from the Federal Reserve. We can bring currency every week,” he said.

The head of the Central Bank emphasized that Uzbekistan has enough reserves.

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