16:58 / 24.04.2020
Government official in Andijan detained while taking $10 thousand in bribe from a farmer

In Andijan, the acting head of the Asaka district Inspectorate for Monitoring the Agricultural Complex was detained at the time of receiving a bribe.

As the press service of the Prosecutor General’s Office reported, officers of the Department for Combating Economic Crimes and the SSS detained the head of Asaka district inspectorate, when he received $10 thousand in bribe from a farmworker.

The head of the inspection said that the farmer did not sow anything on 44 hectares of land. He threatened that he would confiscate the land and demanded $10 thousand.

After that, the farm employee appealed to law enforcement bodies. Later, the head of the inspectorate was detained at the time of receiving the bribe.

On the above fact, a criminal case has been opened under relevant articles of the Criminal Code.

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