22:12 / 25.04.2020
What changes will take place in Uzbekistan from May 1

The Ministry of Justice informed about changes that will take place from May 1 of this year.

1. The state regulation of retail prices of gasoline (AI-80 brand) is abandoned

The state regulation of the retail prices of automobile gasoline (AI-80 brand) and diesel fuel (including the ECO brand) will be canceled and the sale of oil refineries will be carried out exclusively through exchange trading.

2. Offices of traditional medicine will be opened in medical institutions

A republican scientific and practical center of traditional medicine will be created with the status of a legal entity in the form of a state institution and financed from the state budget.

Also, the higher medical educational institutions and technical schools of public health named after Abu Ali ibn Sino will have centers for the development of traditional medicine without the status of a legal entity.

In addition, traditional medicine offices will be opened in the district (city), regional and republican multidisciplinary medical institutions, as well as some non-state medical organizations.

3. Regions will specialize in growing medicinal plants

As creation of clusters for growing, storing, primary or deep processing of medicinal plants is being planned, regions will specialize in growing medicinal plants.

4. Excise stamps of a new sample for alcohol and tobacco products will be introduced.

5. The formation, storage and processing of data in information systems and resources of state bodies will be carried out exclusively using the following unique identifiers:

- individuals - personal identification number of an individual;

- legal entities - tax identification number;

- real estate - cadastral number;

- addresses - geographical code;

- vehicles - vehicle identification number.

6. The fee for kindergarten is changing

The size of fee parents pay to place children in state preschool educational institutions will change.

The amount of payment depends on such factors as the location of the institution, its operation mode (5 or 6-day work week) and the time children spent there every day, as well as the number of children of one family attending this institution. Cost rose by an average of 15 percent.

7. A separate tax procedure is introduced for rental housing in Bostanlyk district

Bostanlyk district will have a separate procedure for accounting taxes and tax administration objects from May 1, 2020 to May 1, 2021, as part of an experiment.

During the experiment, tax authorities issue a free registration certificate for taxable objects, and only on the basis of this document may individuals rent out holiday homes, summer cottages, individual housing and other residential premises, as well as certain types of property.

8. The government introduces a new procedure for state control in the construction field.

For low-risk facilities, regardless of funding sources, the existing procedures for acceptance of completed construction projects are phased out with the procedure of granting permission for their operation by the Inspection for Construction Control and territorial inspections.