20:58 / 27.04.2020
Employees of government organizations may receive compensation for unscheduled quarantine leave

Employees of organizations financed by the state budget may receive compensation for unpaid leave during the coronavirus pandemic.

Photo: KUN.UZ

This was announced by Khabibulla Oqilov, a member of the Anti-Coronavirus Staff.

It is reported that the Cabinet of Ministers has developed a draft resolution on this issue.

“This resolution provides for the payment of compensation to employees of budget organizations who took unpaid leave during the pandemic,” he said at a briefing on April 27. “Compensation will be provided based on the tariff rate percentage every 30 calendar days,” Oqilov added.

The briefing also explained the procedure for conducting vaccination during the quarantine period. It was reported that the hospitals have all the conditions for safe vaccination.

“If a child is healthy at the moment, there is no need to change the vaccination schedule. Before the quarantine, there were only 1 or 2 vaccination days in a month, whereas now polyclinics vaccinate almost every day. To avoid waiting for a long time, it is better to make an appointment in advance through a phone call,” said Khabibulla Oqilov.