19:09 / 02.05.2020
Independent regulator of energy market to be established in Uzbekistan

The transition to the wholesale market of electrical energy in Uzbekistan will be carried out in several stages from 2020 to 2023, proceeding to the next step only if mandatory conditions are met. This is stated in the Concept for Provision of Electric Energy to Uzbekistan in 2020-2030, which was approved by the government.

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A competitive wholesale market will be established in 2023 and all participants will have equal and unimpeded access to the main power lines. 

From 2023, all producers of electrical energy will become participants in the wholesale market, while the state continues to fulfill its obligations under the previously concluded Agreements on the Purchase of Electric Energy. 

Since 2021, the functions of the Single Purchaser will be transferred from the JSC “National Electric Networks of Uzbekistan” to the newly established Guaranteed Purchaser - State Trading Company, which will also carry out the import and export of electric energy. 

In addition, the models of the wholesale electric energy market (monthly contracts - tendering a day ahead - tendering during the day) and the transition phases, as well as the model of the electric energy balancing market, the rules of operation of the markets and the licensing of its participants, are yet to be approved. 

During 2020-2021, a financially independent regulator of the energy market will be established for the purpose of regulating, licensing and monitoring the electricity and natural gas market. 
In addition, there are plans to create an energy market operator - a state-owned company with online platforms through which all customers will carry out purchases and sales of electric energy and natural gas in the wholesale market. 

Since the transition to the wholesale market of electric energy will be implemented in stages, from 2021 onwards, certain categories of consumers will be granted the right to purchase electric energy directly from their producers and guarantees for the electric energy transportation, with mandatory payment for transportation services, from sources of generation owned by these consumers to the points of consumption.

To create the legal basis for the functioning of the market in the period 2020-2021, it is planned to adopt the law “On Electric Energy” in a new edition and the law “On the Independent Regulator of the Energy Market”.