22:35 / 04.05.2020
Government will rate socio-economic development of regions
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President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyev signed the resolution “On the introduction of a system for rating the socio-economic development of regions”, Norma writes

Since 1 July 2012, Karakalpakstan, the regions and the city of Tashkent have been subject to quarterly evaluation on the system of indicators showing the condition of the business environment and the level of socio-economic development, and since 1 January 2018 have introduced criteria for evaluating the work of the management of these regions. 

According to the document, these mechanisms are replaced by an annual system of rating the socio-economic development of regions, districts and cities. It will examine and assess each territory in two stages.

 I. The statistical indicators are evaluated according to eight priorities (total maximum score is 50):

• economic development and efficiency (7.5);

• labor market efficiency (6.25 points);

• accessibility and quality of social services (11.25 points);

• infrastructure development and accessibility (5 points);

• competitiveness and diversification of the economy (3.75 points);

• quality of the business environment and entrepreneurship development (7.5 points);

• financial independence, banking and financial development (5 points);

• the effectiveness of state authorities in dealing with citizens’ petitions and the accessibility of information (3.75).

II. Separate surveys are conducted to determine the social well-being and quality of life of the population, the state of the business environment, the level of public confidence in reforms and the quality of government institutions and local authorities. At this stage the region can also “score” a maximum of 50 points. The survey methodology will be developed within two months. 

By June 1, 2020, an information system will have been developed for the ranking of the regions which the responsible authorities will use to upload data. Therefore, the rating of 2019 results will be tested and then the system will be refined.

The process is as follows:

• The heads of State administration bodies and other organizations shall ensure the reliable and timely upload of relevant data into the information system on the results of the reporting year - no later than 15 January (initial) and 1 June (final) of the following year;

• The results of the annual rating of the past year are submitted to the President’s Office, the Cabinet of Ministers and representative state bodies by 1 February (initial) and 15 June (final), and consequently will be critically discussed at meetings of the government, the Jokargi Kenes and the Kengashes of People’s Deputies.

The Ministry of Economic Development and Poverty Reduction summarizes the results of the rating, directs and coordinates the actions of the participating bodies, organizations and institutions. The ministry may also change and supplement the system of rating indicators and the method of calculating them (if necessary) after consulting with the President’s Office and the Cabinet of Ministers.