21:24 / 12.05.2020
Apple and Netflix start paying VAT in Uzbekistan
Photo: Flickr

The corporation with the highest capitalization in history - Apple Distribution International Limited voluntarily registered in Uzbekistan as a VAT payer and paid $59.2 thousand of tax to the state budget based on the results of operations for the first quarter, the press service of the State Tax Committee said.

As previously reported, since 2020, foreign companies have to pay value-added tax (VAT) for providing electronic services to individuals in Uzbekistan.

10 foreign electronic companies have already registered in Uzbekistan through the “VAT office of Internet companies” (http://tax.uz).

Earlier, Google Commerce Limited was first to make payment of VAT; based on the results of operations for the first quarter of this year, the company paid 85 thousand euros.

In addition, the media-service provider Netflix International B.V. also paid VAT in the amount of 4.3 thousand euros.

“Voluntary registration and payment of taxes indicate that foreign companies respect the laws of the countries where they provide their paid services,” the State Tax Committee noted.

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