23:05 / 26.05.2020
Kazakhstan presents draft agreement with Uzbekistan on trans-boundary water management

Kazakhstan presented its draft agreement with Uzbekistan on joint management, use and protection of trans-boundary water facilities.

The aim of the draft agreement is to prevent, control and reduce negative impact of trans-boundary water facilities and to ensure their joint management and rational use.

According to the document, the countries will closely cooperate in matters of joint management, rational use and protection of trans-boundary water facilities and water management structures.

To this end, the parties shall: 

- allocate water resources to water management facilities; 

- endeavor to establish a joint automated water accounting system for trans-boundary water and water management facilities, ensuring online transmission of data;

- cooperate in the reconstruction, operation, maintenance, financing maintenance and other measures in water management facilities;

- monitor the use and protection of mentioned facilities;

- develop joint programs to prevent and reduce the effects of floods and droughts;

- coordinate the construction of new water facilities at trans-boundary water facilities;

- cooperate on the conservation of ecosystems at trans-boundary water facilities.

It is stated that the parties have equal rights to water resources of trans-boundary water bodies and use them accordingly, not causing damage to the other party.

In addition, the two states are expected to establish a joint commission on the management, use and protection of water facilities.

To remind, on May 1, a breakthrough of the dam at the Sardoba reservoir located in the Syrdarya region, Uzbekistan, resulted in flooding, including on the territory of the Turkestan region, Kazakhstan.