21:45 / 28.05.2020
About 100 people quarantined in Andijan because of coronavirus-infected truck drivers who fled Tashkent for home

The Health Ministry said the negligence of drivers infected with the coronavirus had led to the quarantine of about 100 people. Reportedly, two drivers from Andijan returned from abroad and underwent the coronavirus test in the Tashkent region, however, they left for their home not waiting for the test results.

“On May 22 this year, 50-year-old R. R (resident of the Balikchi district) and his partner, 32-year-old B. K. (resident of the Izboskan district) arrived at the border checkpoint in the territory of Kibray district (Tashkent region) from Russia in a truck. On the same day, according to the established procedure, smear samples were taken from both drivers for coronavirus infection by SES employees at the post. The next day, May 23, B. K. retook the test for a suspected outcome, and R.R. was not diagnosed with the disease.

However, the drivers did not follow the established sanitary rules and left the border checkpoint’s parking lot and went home,” the ministry said.

As a result of the quick search and epidemiological inquiry with the participation of law enforcement officials, both drivers were found in their homes.

At the same time, coronavirus infection was found in both drivers.

As a result of the epidemiological inquiry, about 100 people, with whom R. R. and B. K. were in contact, were quarantined for 14 days.

“Unfortunately, the drivers’ negligence and non-compliance with sanitary rules has put the health of their family members, relatives, neighbors and many other people at risk, all of them have been quarantined on suspicion of coronavirus.

The Ministry of Health once again asks citizens to strictly adhere to all home quarantine regulations. People are asked to immediately isolate themselves when they feel symptoms of the coronavirus infection and consult a physician.

Earlier, it was reported that a new case of the disease was detected in Andijan and dozens of people were quarantined.