23:14 / 28.05.2020
Consumers in Tashkent being disconnected from the electricity grid due to indebtedness worth over 2 trillion soums

Today, May 28, consumers gathered at the Mirzo Ulugbek district power supply enterprise in Tashkent to pay for electricity, the Telegram channel davletovuz reported referring to information provided by its reader.

Photo: t.me/davletovuz

“The channel’s reader said that those waiting in line were disconnected from the electricity grid. There is a big crowd outside the building, the situation inside is even worse, he says. Many have lost their income due to quarantine, people have no money and are begging to be connected in debt.

The state spends an average of 32 million soums per patient. The total debt of these people is probably less than 32 million soums.

Once JSC Regional Electric Networks said that during the quarantine period, in order to create convenience to our people, indebted consumers (individuals) would not be cut off from electricity,” the blogger wrote.

JSC Regional Electric Networks has commented on the report. It says that due to the mitigation of quarantine measures in the country, indebted consumers are being disconnected from the network in order to prevent an increase in debts arising from the use of electricity.

In this regard, the JSC asked consumers to make timely payments for the used electricity.

“Your timely payment of electricity bills will be a great help in the stable and efficient operation of the power system, modernization of the structure and timely preparation for the autumn-winter season.

At present, the situation at the Mirzo Ulugbek power supply enterprise has been completely resolved as a result of explanatory work among consumers,” the company said.

According to Kun.uz source, so far indebtedness of the population to electricity has exceeded 2 trillion soums. This situation has a serious impact on the sustainable and uninterrupted operation of the manufacturer. However, at the request of the debtor consumer, the population is reconnected to the network and relief will be provided on debt collection.

Also, a representative of the Bureau of Compulsory Enforcement reported to Kun.uz that a request letter to collect debts for utilities has still not been sent to the population.