12:12 / 28.05.2020
“Deficit of 112.4 million soums was revealed at two fuel distribution stations” – Uzbekneftegaz

As a result of the inventory conducted at two gas stations belonging to the LLC “Taxiatosh neft bazasi”, a deficit of 112,448,100 soums was identified. According to the Uzbekneftegaz press service, all the documents on the case have been submitted to the prosecutor’s office.

Photo: Uzbekneftegaz press service

A working group set up on the instructions of the board chairman of the company conducted an inventory at the fuel distribution stations (FDS) “Chayka” No. 51 and “Qirqqiz” No. 25 of Ellikkala branch under the LLC “Taxiatosh neft bazasi”. An inventory of the actual balance of oil products as of May 1, 2020, revealed a shortage of 15,719 liters of oil products worth 112,448,100 soums.

In this case, the chief accountant of the branch issued a relevant accounting transfer, and the financially responsible persons of FDS No. 51 and 25 owed the branch a total of 112,460,966 soums,” Kun.uz correspondent quoted Siyovush Hoshimov, head of the Uzbekneftegaz press service, as saying.

He added that in the course of the study, an inventory was also conducted on the quantitative storage of petroleum products stored at the aforementioned fuel distribution stations. As a result, a shortage of 117 liters of SAE-140 oil worth 485.0 thousand soums was detected at the FDS “Chayka” No. 51.

“During the inventory of petroleum residues as of May 15, 2020, the actual balance of diesel fuel at the FDS No. 51 was 6,177 liters, there was a deficit of 10,862 liters compared to the accounting balance. The actual balance of the diesel fuel was 3,212 liters at the FDS No. 25, with a deficit of 4,299 liters compared to the accounting balance.

A. Ibragimov, the station’s chief operator, explained that he had given the diesel fuel to the farmers without completing the relevant documents and without signing the register for the distribution of petroleum products to consumers.

The documents on the shortage of oil products, which were identified as a result of the study, have been submitted to the prosecutor’s office for consideration,” Siyovush Khoshimov said.