21:23 / 04.06.2020
Uzbekistan to restore its tourism industry in three phases

In the first phase from June 1, in the regions of Uzbekistan classified as “green” and “yellow” zones, internal tourism resumed.

Photo: KUN.UZ

Related organizations – tour operators, travel agencies, accommodation facilities and others – are allowed to resume their activities in the mentioned zones, with strict compliance with the established sanitary and hygienic standards and requirements.

In Uzbekistan, 63 percent of tour operators and 81 percent of accommodation facilities (hotels and hostels) were closed. In the first phase, it is planned to restore their activities through domestic tourism, the State Tourism Committee said.

At this phase, Uzbekistan will introduce the security system “Uzbekistan. Safe travel GUARANTEED”, to be as ready as possible for the flow of tourists from abroad.

The second phase is the re-establishment of organized regional tourism with neighboring and CIS countries.  To this end, safety, health and social safety measures will be developed throughout the entire route of the tourist groups, including the establishment of a joint rapid response team.

In the third phase, Uzbekistan will gradually resume inbound tourism with a list of non-CIS countries whose citizens are allowed to enter the republic, taking into account the situation with the pandemic.

Many European and Asian countries are gradually easing lockdown measures and are preparing to open tourist markets. 

Thus, the State Committee on Tourism is conducting a thorough analysis of the measures taken in other countries in terms of health and epidemiological safety and the prevention of new cases of diseases. On the basis of this analysis, it will take decisions on the renewal of international flights to our country.

Throughout these three phases, in addition to improving the safety of local and foreign tourists, special attention is paid to the development and implementation of new thematic events, such as gastronomic festivals, Music festival “Elements”, beach games “Akchakul”, Harvest festival, Third Age Tourism Week and others.