10:16 / 19.06.2020
Cyber Security Center warns of new type of Internet fraud

Due to the quarantine measures, online services have become increasingly popular and relevant.

As the Cyber Security Center informed, these circumstances led to an increase in the number of Internet fraud cases.

According to the analysis of requests and data received by the Cyber Security Center, there has been an increase in the cases of theft of users’ money through fake online casinos and gambling platforms.

With the help of social media advertisements on earning easily on the Internet, users are offered various schemes to play online casinos and provide accounts on fake sites. 

These sites imitate casino winnings and say that it is possible to withdraw the money won only after making the payment by the user. The payment they make goes to the account of fraudsters.

One of the reasons for the success of these illegal actions is that it is almost impossible to check the authenticity of online casino platforms and other gambling websites.

It is known that online casino and other gambling websites are prohibited in many states and that such online platforms often get blocked.

In order to avoid blocking, the owners of these online platforms regularly change the domains and servers, thus creating conditions for fraudsters to successfully use fake gambling sites.

According to the Criminal Code, criminal liability is incurred for activities involving the illegal organization or conduct of gambling and other risky games, including the organization or maintenance of brothels for such games.

In order to prevent Internet fraud, the Cyber Security Center strongly requested users not to engage in online gambling and other risk-based online games and not to transmit personal data, bank card information, content of SMS messages received from bank card transactions and other personal information to strangers.