21:16 / 25.06.2020
Tokayev: Cooperation with Uzbekistan does not preclude economic competition

In an interview with the newspaper “Ana Tılı”, Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev stated that cooperation with Uzbekistan does not rule out the economic competition, and the country must maintain leadership in the region.

Photo: akorda.kz

“In Central Asia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are the leading states. There is large-scale cooperation between us that does not exclude economic competition. This is something we must never forget,” said the President. 

The Head of State pointed out that Kazakhstan is subject to “rallies”, mostly imposed by provocative slogans from outside. This puts the country at a disadvantage in the international arena, where serious regional competition is intensifying. 

“Kazakhstan must maintain its leadership position. Therefore, our country must be stable. As for our internal culture, stability should be ensured not by the security forces, but primarily by the population itself,” Tokayev added.