11:36 / 11.07.2020
Coronavirus: Another death registered in Tashkent

The Ministry of Health reported that another patient in Tashkent died of acute cardiovascular and respiratory failure.

“A 50-year-old R. Yu. (female), living in the capital’s Mirabad district, was treated at home from 3 to 9 July. When the symptoms of respiratory failure worsened, she was admitted to the city clinical hospital No. 1.
The patient was diagnosed with severe COVID-19 infection and bilateral pneumonia. The disease was accompanied by acute respiratory and cardiovascular failure. She also suffered from coronary heart disease, diabetes mellitus.

On July 9, the patient was connected to a ventilator as her condition worsened.
The patient had been suffering from oncological disease for a year. During the patient’s treatment in the hospital, doctors held extensive consultations, the treatment process was carried out on the advice of specialists.
However, despite the standard resuscitation procedures performed by doctors, the patient’s condition worsened and she died of acute cardiovascular and respiratory failure,” the Public Relations Department of the Health Ministry said.

Thus, the number of coronavirus victims in Uzbekistan has reached 55.