18:56 / 25.07.2020
CMDA: Alfa System and Alpari do not have a license to carry out professional activities in the securities market

Neither of the companies has a license in the country, but they are actively advertised on social media.

Photo: Tomohiro Ohsumi / Getty Images / Bloomberg

The Capital Markets Development Agency (CMDA) has warned that advertising of money-making in a short time through securities and foreign exchange markets is actively spreading on the Internet, Spot writes.

As a rule, these are advertisements from unreliable and unlicensed intermediaries, who do not notify potential customers of the high degree of risk of these transactions and the likelihood of their losses, the agency said.

The CMDA also noted that Alfa System and Alpari, which now actively advertise their services on social networks, do not have a license to carry out professional activities in the securities market.

The agency recommends citizens interested in obtaining services in the field of investment and trading in financial instruments to work exclusively with registered local professional participants in the securities market.

If the services are provided by a non-resident company, then one should make sure that they have the necessary permits provided by the foreign financial regulator at the place of registration of the intermediary company.

This can be done by requesting the license number (and full name) of the company, one may check the information received on the website of the stock exchange.

One can also contact the agency at (71) 203-01-15, or by e-mail info@cmda.uz.