01:12 / 25.07.2020
Ministry of Public Education developed proposals to support private educational institutions

A draft presidential decree on supporting the activities of non-governmental educational organizations during the coronavirus pandemic was published for discussion. It has been developed by the Ministry of Public Education (MPE) in cooperation with the Ministry of Preschool Education and the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education.

The draft resolution contains proposals of the ministries on measures to support non-governmental educational organizations. The proposals may be amended during discussion and agreement.

In connection with the quarantine measures announced in the country, the activities of educational organizations, in particular non-governmental educational institutions, were suspended and all educational processes are organized remotely. 

The draft resolution provides for financial support for legal entities involved in the provision of non-governmental educational services and prevention of the termination of their activities, support for the activities of educational NGOs, improving their financial condition and basic provision of salaries for employees.

At the same time, the procedure for allocating subsidies from the state budget and the amount of funds allotted for the payment of wages to employees of educational NGOs from July 1, 2020, until the resumption of their activities has been determined.

“The adoption of the draft decree will help prevent the termination of the activities of non-governmental educational organizations, provide employees with a basic salary, alleviate the difficult financial situation that non-governmental educational organizations face due to the coronavirus pandemic,” the MPE said.