11:42 / 01.08.2020
Major drug smugglers detained

In the course of the investigations conducted by the State Security Service and the Internal Affairs Agencies, law enforcement officers suppressed the activities of an organized criminal group consisting of 18 people from the city of Tashkent, Fergana, Namangan and Samarkand regions.

The criminal group has long been involved in the supply and sale of drugs included in the list of potent substances. 

During the operation, officers seized 28,560 Tramadol tablets, 7,000 bottles of Tropicamide, 35,700 capsules of Lyrica, 3,920 capsules of Regapen and 5,600 capsules of Perge, with a total black-market value of more than 3.2 billion soums. Moreover, $4,300 in cash was seized in the procedure.

One Malibu, 3 Lacetti and 1 Nexia cars were also seized as they were allegedly used in the crime.
The members of the group were citizens born between 1977 and 1994; 2 of them were women and 5 had been previously convicted.

Potent drugs were smuggled into our country mainly from Kyrgyzstan.

The investigation is ongoing.