14:43 / 04.08.2020
“Residents of Samarkand will receive financial assistance in the amount of 47 billion soums” – Erkinjon Turdimov 

At a briefing on the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, the khokim of the Samarkand region informed about the funds distributed to low-income families. He also commented on various reports circulating on social networks.

According to Erkinjon Turdimov, 10,000 out of 47,770 families have been selected in the region and provided with one-time financial assistance in the amount of 1 million soums. In addition, on the eve of Eid al-Adha, local budget funds and sponsors distributed a total of 2 billion soums to about 2,000 families.

In general, the total amount of funds to be distributed in the region is about 47 billion soums.

“At this point, I would like to emphasize one more thing, dear citizens of Samarkand. Today, when we look at social networks, we see posts and video reports that are narrated by people without presenting clear facts and their true identity. Some say that “instead of one million soums, 500,000 soums were given, 700,000 soums were given, and the mahalla chairman distributed it to his acquaintance.”

For example, one of the users of Facebook said, “they distributed money to people by 500 thousand soums. It should have been 1 million soums. The mahalla chairman asked people to be grateful and not to complain.” About one hundred Samarkand residents commented on the post.

The case was investigated by the city prosecutor’s office and the regional administration. It turned out that the money was distributed not within the framework of the presidential decree, it was presented by a generous businessman living in the “Rohat” mahalla on the eve of Eid al-Adha.

Similarly, another Facebook user published a post: “In the Jomboy district, families in need of social protection living in the “Taldirazzoq” and a number of other mahallas were ignored. Able-bodied families, who have a 10-acre land plot, a 7-room house and a Nexia car, were distributed one million soums each.”

When the case was investigated by the Jomboy district administration and the district prosecutor’s office, the allegations were not confirmed. According to the district administration, 10 families in the “Taldirazzoq” mahalla received 1 million soums each from the Anti-Crisis Fund. 4 of them were seriously ill, 2 of them were raising children with disabilities, 2 of them lost their breadwinners,” Erkinjon Turdimov said.

It turned out that in both cases, the authors of posts stated that they could not participate in the comprehensive investigation of the issue by responsible officials. They said they heard about the case from someone else and published.

I would like to ask social network users who publish posts on Telegram channels and other media to check facts before presenting them.

In addition, in order to ensure transparency, the list of citizens who received one-time financial assistance is currently posted on the Telegram channels of district and city administrations. If anyone has a complaint about the wrong distribution of financial assistance to families on the list, they should comment on the post. We will investigate each case and inform the general public about the results,” the regional khokim said.