13:38 / 13.08.2020
Commodity markets and shopping malls to reopen starting August 20 

The Special Republican Commission has announced the resumption of activities of markets and shopping malls in Uzbekistan from August 20.

Photo: KUN.UZ

Starting from August 20, the markets for consumer goods and construction products, as well as large shops engaged in the sale of goods will be allowed to resume their activities (declaring a sanitary day once a week to carry out sanitary cleaning works).

In this case, supermarkets and other large stores must comply with the following requirements:

• They should equip the entrances and exits with pyrometers, antiseptics, measure the body temperature of each citizen at the entrance. If their body temperature is at 37 degrees and above, or if there are signs of the infection, people should not be allowed to enter the facilities. Social distancing must be maintained, people are required to wear a medical mask. At the same time, citizens should be provided with free medical gloves when entering these facilities;

• They should take measures to equip service rooms, general sanitary-hygienic rooms and large-capacity areas (rooms) with ultraviolet disinfection equipment.

Also, from August 20, gyms, fitness clubs and swimming pools will be allowed to operate.

These objects should comply with the following requirements while carrying out their activities:

• They should be regularly disinfected, their entrances and exits must be equipped with pyrometers, antiseptics and other disinfectants;

• Employees should use medical masks and keep a social distance;

• They should measure the body temperature of each citizen, take measures not to allow entry of people if their body temperature is at 37 degrees and above, or if there are signs of the infection, as well as in the absence of a medical mask. It is required not to hold team events if there is no possibility to maintain social distancing.