18:09 / 14.08.2020
Incentive payments for employees of the public sector to be suspended until January 1 

A draft decree of the Cabinet of Ministers on the optimization of budgetary expenditures in order to create a reserve for the fight against coronavirus has been published on the portal for public discussions.

The document states that, as of August 1 of this year, 7,608.8 billion soums had been allocated from the budget (including the Anti-crisis Fund) for combatting coronavirus and mitigating its negative impact on the economy, including 1,902.5 billion soums in July alone.

According to the document, by January 1, 2021, the government plans to suspend the payment for employees of the public sector from the special fund for material incentives and the director’s fund (with the exception of employees of medical, medical-social institutions, orphanages, and workers with payment level 1-3).

The Anti-crisis Fund under the Ministry of Finance also optimizes expenditures. In particular, it plans to decrease the amount of funds allocated to the Fund for Support of Farmlands, Dekhkan Farms and Homestead Land Owners from 100 billion to 50 billion soums.

In addition, the government suspends several projects in the regions such as construction and repair of schools, pre-school institutions, roads, pumping stations.

The regions are also instructed to optimize their budget expenditures. Karakalpakstan plans to reduce its expenses by 25.3 billion soums, Andijan region – by 27.3 billion soums, Bukhara – 17 billion soums, Jizzah – 11.7 billion soums, Kashkadarya – 24 billion soums, Navoi – 14.7 billion soums, Namangan – 27.1 billion soums, Samarkand – 30.1 billion soums, Surkhandarya- 21.9 billion soums, Syrdarya – 12.3 billion soums, Tashkent region – 26 billion soums, Fergana – 37.5 billion soums, Khorezm – 18.7 billion and Tashkent – 31.7 billion soums.

The draft decree of the Cabinet of Ministers may further be amended, supplemented or rejected.