10:25 / 26.08.2020
An ambulance doctor beaten in Zaamin 

As the ministerial press service reported, on August 23 at 12:06, relatives of citizen A.B., living on the J. Suleymanov Street, Oqtepa mahalla of the Zaamin district, made a call to the Call-center of the Jizzakh region Emergency Medical Care. An ambulance crew arrived at the place of residence of this citizen at 12:10.

After examining the patient, who was born in 1939, the doctor said that the patient’s general condition was serious and he should be taken to the hospital for inpatient treatment.

However, according to preliminary data, the relatives of the patient did not allow this. After that, the ambulance crew provided the necessary first aid and gave the necessary advice.

At 13:42 on the same day, there was another call from the same family to the regional Call-center. After arriving at the patient’s residence at 13:47, the district ambulance crew recorded the biological death of the patient.

An ambulance crew member, paramedic E.I., was beaten by relatives of the patient while he was giving an explanation of the situation.

The paramedic E.I. was immediately taken to the district medical association, he was nauseous and vomiting. The patient underwent medical examinations and was admitted to the emergency surgery department.

He was diagnosed with a closed concussion, soft tissue damage in the neck area and subcutaneous hematoma. At present, the patient is receiving the necessary medical treatment by doctors.

“The district police department has been informed about the incident, the case is being investigated by law enforcement officials. The situation is under control of the Ministry of Health,” the statement of the Health Ministry reads.

The press service of the Prosecutor General’s Office also provided information on the case. Reportedly, the case is being investigated by the Zaamin district DIA No. 1.

A forensic examination was appointed to determine the severity of the bodily injuries inflicted on the paramedic.

At the same time, Kun.uz correspondent contacted the ambulance department of the Zaamin district and inquired about the condition of the doctor and his reaction to the incident.

“E.I is one of the most experienced and dedicated doctors in our department. During the coronavirus pandemic, he was one of the first to be involved in the fight against this disease. He works in a special brigade of the ambulance department.

At the moment, his condition is satisfactory, the pain is gone and he is starting to feel better. However, despite all the incidents, no one from the offending side came to the doctor to inquire about his condition and did not apologize,” an official of the emergency department of the Zaamin district said.

The beaten doctor E.I. also commented on the situation.

“I was hit in the back. I understand that a person who has lost a loved one may become angry and lose control. But at that time, I could have been harmed by a more dangerous object around.

We are all human beings, doctors always do what they can. People should understand this. I wish that laws and the system protected doctors,” he said.