23:27 / 28.08.2020
Funds allocated for preparations to SCO Summit in Samarkand misappropriated

The financial control of the use of funds in construction facilities and the technical control of the observance of building norms and regulations have been improperly organized.

In 2022, Samarkand will host the next SCO summit of heads of member states. Therefore, a number of sites are being constructed and renovated.

The Prosecutor General’s Office has studied the construction and improvement work carried out in Samarkand.

By the presidential decree dated March 16 2018, the khokimiyat of the Samarkand region established a fund for improving the welfare of the population. This fund allocated money to engineering company “Yagona Buyurtmachi Hizmati” under the regional khokimiat for the improvement of the infrastructure: measures have been taken to build, repair and strengthen the technical capacity in 10 areas, such as water supply, sewerage, roads and social facilities.

A study of construction works revealed that the requirements of the legislation had not been fully implemented in public purchases.

Also, the construction of 4 roads, 8 drinking water and sewerage networks from the list established by the Decision №783 of Cabinet of Ministers dated September 18, 2019, was carried out illegally – the project documents were prepared without identifying contractors through tendering.

In addition, during the construction of the facilities in the region, the responsible individuals misallocated funds, mismanaged financial control and technical supervision of compliance with building codes and regulations. This has led to misappropriation of funds and poor performance. Five criminal charges have been filed and investigations are ongoing.

A study of the legality of the water and asphalt works revealed that the contractors had been selected without tender and that the construction was being carried out simultaneously with the development of the design estimates, without expertise. In addition, the construction of the sewerage network grossly violated construction norms. Moreover, 85 million soums are estimated to be misappropriated through affixing additional spending. Also, it was found that 7.4 billion soums were squandered at the expense of the fund in the course of construction, repair and improvement works.

The report states that strict control was ensured to address deficiencies in construction, renovation and landscaping.