15:41 / 29.08.2020
Construction of hazardous industrial plants banned in the Bostanlyk area

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a decree on measures to accelerate the development of tourism in the Bostanlyk district by introducing special regulations.

“To prohibit construction of harmful industrial enterprises polluting the environment on the territory of the district,” the decree states.

The President instructed to create and approve a program for the comprehensive socio-economic development of the district, which includes:

• Attraction of investments, especially direct investments, increasing the export potential of the district, creation of jobs for the population, and development of the industry, processing of agricultural products and services;

• Increasing the number of new tourist and social infrastructure facilities, including hotels, catering facilities, recreational centers, green areas and parks as well as the expansion of new services in this field, development of transport and logistics;

• Development of road transport systems, external engineering and communication systems, including the construction and reconstruction of drinking water and sewerage networks;

• Construction of information and telecommunications networks and improvement of the quality of information, communication and Internet services throughout the district, including mountainous areas and remote villages;

• Improving the wellbeing of the population through the development of social infrastructure.