21:41 / 04.09.2020
“Budget revenues may be lower than official forecasts by 2.6 trillion soums” – Ministry of Finance

Budget revenues at the end of 2020 may be lower than official forecasts by 2.6 trillion soums, the press service of the Finance Ministry reports.

“According to the assessment carried out based on the results for January-August 2020, revenues for the current year are expected in the amount of 125.8 trillion soums; less by 2.6 trillion soums than official forecasts provided in the law on the state budget of Uzbekistan for the current year,” the press service said.

In January-August 2020, state budget revenues amounted to 82.9 trillion soums, of which 63.5 trillion soums are collected taxes.

Income taxes during the reporting period brought 17 trillion soums and subsoil use tax – 10.4 trillion soums.

Tax and customs authorities collected value-added tax in the amount of 23 trillion soums. At the same time, the refund of value-added tax for 8 months of this year amounted to 3 trillion soums. 

Additional revenues from mining enterprises due to increasing prices for precious metals, dividends from state-owned companies and other state budget revenues partially compensate for the reduction in revenues from certain taxes.