12:00 / 08.09.2020
EPSILON (EDC): Continuing gas transportation infrastructure development

On August 15, EDC commenced construction of a 25-km-long looping at a high-altitude section of “Akhangaran – Pungan” main pipeline in an effort to ensure stable gas supply to the population of Ferghana Valley during the fall-winter period. Large-scale works in mountainous areas at 1,500-2,632 m altitude are associated with risks of possible mudflows, rockfalls and landslides thus calling for in-depth engineering surveying. The company is currently preparing the pipeline route.

On August 24 Epsilon also began construction of a new main gas pipeline – 4.7-km-long branch line (1,020×12 mm) from the 338th km to “Yangiyer CS – Shirin GDS”. Construction of these two pipelines is expected to be finalized by December 01, 2020.

In addition, the company initiated repairs of the following gas pipeline sections, including pipe replacement:

  • Zirabulak GPA, repairs of “Mubarek – Zirabulak” MP (“BGBA-TBA”), strings I, II and III, 50th-78th km section (1,020×12 mm, 2.1 km). To be completed by Dec 01, 2020.
  • Gazli GPA, repairs of “DBST” MP, string II, 29th-39th and 52nd-56th km sections (1,020×12 mm, 9.263 km). To be completed by Dec 01, 2020.
  • Mubarek GPA, repairs of “Kelif – Mubarek” MP, 148th-233rd km section (1,020×12 mm, 1.453 km). To be completed by Oct 01, 2020.
  • Repairs of “Mubarek – Zirabulak” MP, strings I and II, 3rd-50th km section (1,020×12 mm, 8 km). To be completed by Oct 01, 2020.
  • Gallaorol GPA, repairs of “BGBA-TBA-A” MP, string I, 262nd-368th km section (1,020×12 mm, 5 km). To be completed by Dec 01, 2020.

All works are in full compliance with sanitary-epidemiological and environmental requirements.

Epsilon Press Office