23:31 / 14.09.2020
IEF Secretary-General looks forward to Uzbekistan’s rejoining the organization

The Embassy of Uzbekistan in Saudi Arabia held a meeting with the Secretary-General of the International Energy Forum (IEF), Joseph McMoneagle, the Dunyo information agency informs.

Joseph McMoneagle stressed that the IEF is an important platform for energy producers and consumers, and has a growing reputation. The number of member countries of the organization is increasing. He stated that Uzbekistan’s participation in the IEF will bring many benefits and that its membership in the IEF will help to advance the global energy dialogue towards the main goal – making it more known and effective.

He noted that the Forum welcomes Uzbekistan in the upcoming 17th Ministerial Meeting, which is devoted to discussion of economic growth, sustainable energy markets, energy transportation and post-pandemic development.

The IEF Secretary-General expressed the hope that the Uzbek side will soon consider his written request to rejoin the organization. According to Joseph McMoneagle, once this issue is resolved, the IEF will be ready to discuss the next ministerial meeting in Tashkent.

The IEF is an international organization that ensures the global dialogue of energy consumers and producers. It is headquartered in Riyadh and, currently, has over 70 member states. Uzbekistan also used to be a member of the IEF.