19:15 / 19.09.2020
Uzbekistan sends 4 more trains for repatriation of citizens from Samara 

Four more trains will be involved in the repatriation of citizens from the Samara Oblast of the Russian Federation, the press service of the regional administration informed.

Although the borders are closed, people continue to come to the Samara Oblast in the hope of returning homeland.

Therefore, a temporary camp has been set up in the Kinel district, and as the weather gets cold, it is planned to organize heating there.

“Uzbekistan has already arranged eight trains to return citizens and plans to send four more. It is also planned to organize repatriation flights from Kurumoch Airport,” the report states.

In order to avoid the arrival of more migrant workers to the oblast and to reduce the risk of the disease spreading in the camp, checkpoints at the entrances to the Samara Oblast have been reopened. The government is taking efforts to organize the repatriation of migrant workers, and a special working group for this purpose has been set up.