17:07 / 21.09.2020
President Mirziyoyev expresses condolences to the family of Uktam Barnoyev 

Deputy Prime Minister Uktam Barnoyev, who died in Germany, was buried in the Minor Cemetery in Tashkent on September 20, the presidential press service reports.

On September 20, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the house of Uktam Barnoyev, who died of a serious illness. He served as a Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the agricultural and food sectors' development. He was a member of the Senate of Oliy Majlis.

“Uktam Barnoyev began his career in his native Bukhara region. Then he held senior positions in the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, the Cabinet of Ministers. In 2008-2010, Barnoyev was khokim of the Samarkand region, in 2016-2020 he headed the Bukhara region. This year, he was appointed Deputy Prime Minister for the Development of Agrarian and Food Sectors.

Almost all of Uktam Barnoyev’s activities were associated with agriculture and water management. He was one of the key champions of reforms on this front. Celebrated specialist, he made a significant contribution to the diversification of the agricultural sector, the introduction of market mechanisms and a system of cross-industry cooperation, the improvement of land and water relations, the growth in productivity and the development of the food industry,” the report reads.

The head of state expressed his condolences to the mother, wife and children of the deceased and wished them strength and patience.

“Uktamjon was a noble, selfless, patriotic man, a role model for others. We worked together from the days when I was Prime Minister. He could understand me even without a word. It is not easy for a person to become such a good specialist. Recently we embarked on a great deal of work in a difficult area, which I entrusted to him, and I relied on him in full. Unfortunately, the whole world is downcast with this trouble. We did our best to save his life. But everyone is destined to die sooner or later. This is the will of Allah. This is a tragedy for all of us. May his place be in paradise!” said Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

The President said that Barnoyev’s family and children will be provided with constant care.

Family members of Uktam Barnoyev thanked the head of state and wished peace and health to everybody.