23:04 / 30.09.2020
Foreign Ministry notifies citizens of the new procedure for entering Ukraine

By a decision of the Government of Ukraine, the procedure for the entry of foreigners into the country has changed starting today, September 30, the MFA of Uzbekistan reports.

Citizens of foreign countries who cross the Ukrainian border are now required to have insurance policy issued by an insurance company registered in Ukraine, a company with representation in the territory of the country or a company with a Ukrainian partner.

The insurance must cover the expenses of the visitor in case he needs treatment for COVID-19 and coincide with the period of his stay in Ukraine.

Foreigners coming from the countries classified as a “red zone” are placed on self-isolation. As of September 29, Uzbekistan is included in the “green zone”.

Therefore, the operational center of the Foreign Ministry of Uzbekistan recommends that citizens planning to visit Ukraine take this matter into account.