20:15 / 30.09.2020
Foreign nationals required to take an exam on the Uzbek language to receive citizenship

Foreign nationals or stateless persons applying for citizenship of Uzbekistan are required to take an exam on the state language (Uzbek), follows from a relevant resolution of the Government.

According to the document, applicants will be tested by the Center for training and teaching the basics of clerical work in the state language and its territorial divisions on a fee basis (44,600 soums – 20% of BCA).

Applicants should contact the Center or its regional offices with an application to participate in the exam.

Accordingly, a mock examination will be conducted within 1 month after the submission of documents.

Applicants who score less than 50% (50 points) of the maximum available on the exam are considered to have failed the test. They can retake it at least 1 month after the date of the exam (by making repayment).

The results of the examination will be announced within 3 days.

Applicants who successfully pass the test exams will be issued a certificate of proficiency in the state language, which is valid indefinitely.