22:25 / 30.09.2020

Uzbekistan’s Muruntau recognized as one of the largest gold mines in the world 


According to the World Gold Council data, Nevada gold mines in the USA produce 115.8 tons of ore per year, which is the highest globally.

The Muruntau gold mine in the Kyzylkum desert in Uzbekistan is the world’s largest open-pit gold mine and ranks second in annual production with 66 tons.

The Olimpiada field in Russia was discovered in the Severo-Yenisei district in 1975, and it ranks third in the world in terms of production volume – 43.2 tons per year.

Reportedly, Uzbekistan is planning to further increase gold and silver production in the coming years.

According to the Central Bank, the country exports around 70-80 tons of gold annually and by the end of the year, this figure is projected to reach 80 tons.

Uzbekistan is among the leaders not only in mining, but also in the export of precious metals. So, in July, Uzbekistan became an absolute leader in gold sales.

The country sold 11.6 tons. Mongolia is in second place (6.1 tons).

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