19:11 / 07.10.2020
Russian methodologists arrive in Uzbekistan to improve the quality of Russian language teaching

The Russian Ministry of Education has launched a project to provide professional support for improving the quality of teaching Russian and other general subjects in the Russian language in Uzbekistan, the ministerial press service reported.

Photo: Russian Ministry of Education

“On October 6, within the first stage of implementing the “Class!” project, 32 Russian instructors will visit Uzbekistan to monitor the current level of Russian language proficiency of teachers and students in local schools. Specialists of the RF will assess the quality of teaching the Russian language in Uzbekistan and develop recommendations on teaching it to their colleagues,” the official report of the Ministry said earlier.

It is also reported that 100 Russian specialists are expected to visit Uzbekistan in 2021. Their main tasks will be the teaching of Russian in Uzbek schools and the further training and retraining of local teachers. The number of specialists sent will increase by 100 each year. About 30,000 Uzbek teachers will be able to complete the program.

It is noted that the “Class!” project is unique and it could become one of the most significant programs in the promotion of teaching the Russian language abroad and would significantly increase the level of Russian language proficiency in the post-Soviet area.

The project is being implemented by the Ministry of Education of Russia in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Education of Uzbekistan.