11:43 / 08.10.2020
Court of appeal amends verdict in the case of LLC “Korean and migration xususiy bandlik agentligi” 

On September 14, the Yakkasaray district court on criminal proceedings announced a verdict against officials of the LLC “Korean and migration xususiy bandlik agentligi”. The verdict was later appealed by a number of defendants and protested by the prosecutor.

According to the press service of the Supreme Court, on October 7, the Tashkent city court of appeal made some changes to the September 14 verdict of the Yakkasaray district court on criminal proceedings.

In particular, part 3 of Article 228 of the Criminal Code was removed from the charges of 10 defendants, and the penalties imposed under this article were revoked.

Also, the part on the compensation of 52,888,155 soums in favor of victim J.E., as well as the part of the decision to recover this amount, were withdrawn. The decision on the compensation of 27,202,730 soums in favor of victim A.Z. was revoked, reportedly, a total of 32,602,730 soums will be collected in his favor.

The decision on invalidation of purchase and sale agreements No. 4 (dated April 2, 2019) concluded between the LLCs VEGA BEST and Agrofitoeksport, No. 3 (dated April 7, 2019) concluded between LLCs FAYOZ-XDS, BAXMAL FITOIMPEX and ISMAILOV RUSTAM IKRAMOVICH, has been canceled.

The appeals and the appellate protest were partially upheld and the remainder of the sentence was left unchanged.

The verdict will now be enforced and compensation for the victims will be provided.