10:46 / 09.10.2020
US citizen accuses Uzbekiston Pochtasi of stealing gifts from a parcel

Uzbekiston Pochtasi commented on accusations of theft by a girl from the United States.

Jessica, a resident of Washington (USA), posted a video on social media. According to her, in September of this year, a parcel with porcelain worth at least $1,000 was sent from Uzbekistan to the United States. The parcel was received on October 5: some of the goods were damaged, while some others were missing.

As the press service of Uzbekiston Pochtasi informed, during the inspection of customs declarations it was established that in September JSC Uzbekiston Pochtasi did really send 2 shipments of porcelain tableware from Uzbekistan to the USA.

These parcels were sent from a resident of the Andijan region to his son, who is a student in Washington, United States. The cost of each package was approximately $1,000.

“When receiving these parcels at the post office, the mailman explained to the customer that the items were sent over long distances, and therefore need to be packed attentively to avoid damages. She was offered a special packing service,” the press service said.

Jessica confirmed in her video that she had been warned that the parcels were not guaranteed to be delivered intact if they were not properly packaged.

It was also reported that the first parcel was delivered to the recipient on October 5, 2020.

The second parcel, which was allegedly stolen, was delivered to the recipient on October 6. This was confirmed on a special tracking site.

Uzbekiston Pochtasi stated that today due to the pandemic, flights to some countries are suspended and parcels are delivered to the USA via Seoul.

“Similar situations are observed in postal companies of other countries all over the world. Consequently, in order to protect the interests of customers, in accordance with Article 17-237 of the Universal Postal Convention, all postal consignments must be packed in such a way as not to damage the attachments, glass or other fragile items, placed in mailboxes and packed with appropriate protective materials,” the association informs.

The Rules also provide that in case of damage, the requisitioned must formally apply to the postal service company and the application will be reviewed by the national postal operator. In the United States, the individual should contact USPS.

“In accordance with Article 22 of the Universal Postal Convention, in case of errors in the process of sending mail by service organizations, they compensate the damage in the established order,” the company concluded.