17:55 / 16.10.2020
Fergana Oil Refinery to produce winter diesel fuel

On October 20, the Fergana Oil Refinery will begin mass production of winter diesel fuel, previously purchased abroad, the press office of the enterprise informed.

Recently, the specialists of the plant have carried out a whole cycle of work on laboratory research, industrial tests and production of new winter fuel.

As a result, the first consignment of winter diesel fuel with a pour point of less than -25°C and a cold filter plugging point of not more than -18°C (which is necessary in the autumn-winter period) will be available to the mass consumer on the exchange of oil products.

In addition to low-solidification properties, this diesel fuel has an improved fractional composition (making it easier to pump along the engine fuel line), facilitates the cold start of the engine, and has a high Cetane number, which ensures engine power and efficiency.

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